Floor Springs
Floor springs (Floor type door closers) are available in four different models i.e. in Double Action Doors swinging upto 180 and those upto 90.  The outer case mortised in floor and the inner machine is easily replaceable. Floor Door Closers can be manufactured for Arch Type/Hinges mounted Door against specific orders.  The outer case and inner unit are Metallised to safeguard against Corrosion.  Floor Spring work on Pivot suspension system, except those meant for Arch/Hingas mounted Doors, It has adjustments on all the six sides for precise adjustments.  It contains Ball bearings to provide smooth performance.

The Popularity of the Product is antirely based on its entirely in performance and the use of quality raw materials. A Tried & Tested Product which can cut risks. 

Table given below comprehensively provides technical Data with (+3mm) tolerance etc.

Cat NO Model Top Plate Foundation
Leaver Floor Clearance Panel Portion
OFS-9621 F-32 318X197X70 250X25X15 10 150X25X40 155X25X25
OFS-9620 F-72 237X130X2 225X16X70 10 150X25X40 155X25X25


Grace 91 Door Closer
To keep in view the requirement of General masses a commercial type closer has also been introduced against a popular demand with the following salient features.

[i]    A very dependable, very compact, and Sleek to look door closer.   A Tried & Tested Product.

[ii]   Fixing is possible on Angle Iron Frame from outside.  Main Body fixed upside down on Iron Frame and Adjustment Rod on the Leaf.  It still functions although body fixed up side down.

[iii]  Base width is about 44mm. Can be fixed on aluminium Extruded sections convenientlyas also on Steel Frames of Angle Iron or Pressed Steel Door & Frame.

[iv]  Rack & Pinion Assembly is fabricated out of Alloy Steel, long life of the gadget is ensured together with goods Endurance.

[v]   Can carry a load upto 45 kgs.

[vi]  Neo prene high density PVC'O' rings are provided for long life and to arrest leakage.

[vii] This Door Closer is a Universal Model.  Operates Door in either Direction when fixed.

[viii] Available in silky white and Bronze colours.

[ix]  Available in Aluminium Die Cast Body and Steel Grey Casting Body.



OPEL Door Closer model DELUX universal is aavilable in the Aluminium Pressure Die Casting with alloy and Temper.
Piston and Pinion are made of hard and grind steel.  It is suitable for door weight upto 60 Kg.  Model DELUX available in natural lacquer finish silver grey, golden and brown colour.

Material Alloy & Temper Rack & Piston Model Door Capacity
Aluminium Pressure Die casting HE 30 WP Hard & Grind in Steel Universal 30 to 60 kg


Concealed Door CloserConcealed Hydraulic Door Closer is a latest introduction in the Indian Market to cater to the sophisticated taste of Elite Clientie and to achieve Architectural austhetics.  A Ffuturistic Commodity having the following special features :-

[i]      It is available for Right/Left Hand operating doors.

[ii]     Top M.S. Holding plate designed to strengthen the top of the door after knotches are cut to mortise the Door closers.

[iii]    38 mm Minimum door thickness is needed to fix condealed door closer.

[iv]   Top edge of the door should be clear 4'' from top edge of the door enabling door closer body to be mortised unencumbered.

[v]    Alluminium Alloy body in light weight with needle roller bearings.

[vi]   Rack & Pinion fabricated out of special steel alloys for durable & smooth performances.

[vii]  Speed regulating valves provided to controll speed to desired level.

[viii] Carry doors upto 1000mm wide or wieghting upto 60 kgs.

[ix]   Available in silky white & bronze colours.  Availability in any other color can be negotiated.


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