Concealed Door CloserConcealed Hydraulic Door Closer is a latest introduction in the Indian Market to cater to the sophisticated taste of Elite Clientie and to achieve Architectural austhetics.  A Ffuturistic Commodity having the following special features :-

[i]      It is available for Right/Left Hand operating doors.

[ii]     Top M.S. Holding plate designed to strengthen the top of the door after knotches are cut to mortise the Door closers.

[iii]    38 mm Minimum door thickness is needed to fix condealed door closer.

[iv]   Top edge of the door should be clear 4'' from top edge of the door enabling door closer body to be mortised unencumbered.

[v]    Alluminium Alloy body in light weight with needle roller bearings.

[vi]   Rack & Pinion fabricated out of special steel alloys for durable & smooth performances.

[vii]  Speed regulating valves provided to controll speed to desired level.

[viii] Carry doors upto 1000mm wide or wieghting upto 60 kgs.

[ix]   Available in silky white & bronze colours.  Availability in any other color can be negotiated.



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